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Relationship Advice and Columns

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog! For as long as I can remember I have been interested in relationships. I love watching couples and observing how they interact and what makes them tick. I’m also interested in the brain and of course, love affects our brains in a profound way. Many people, both strangers and friends, have asked me for relationship advice, so I thought, why not just launch a website? As someone who has been in a lot of relationships, I think I have pretty good instincts when it comes to both men and women and how we act in the context of a relationship. I’m also very interested in polyamory and aside from Dan Savage, not many people know how to give advice to people in multiple relationships. I’m new to the polyamory world, but I’m very familiar with many of the issues that arise, so please don’t hesitate to email me and  let me know what the issue is. My email address is  I will post your questions on this website, anonymously of course. I will also post columns about relationships and polyamory. I’m looking forward to your questions!

First past the post!

This is a test post.

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