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Staying Over

Question: If your boyfriend is staying over at your parents’ place for a couple of days, how do you actually manage and when to have sex with him  if the parents in question are conservative?
Answer: This is a very common issue. Many conservative parents would insist that the couple stay in separate bedrooms if they are not married. If this is the case or if you are sleeping in the same bed, I would advise discretion. If you are sleeping in separate beds, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have sex in one of the beds and then go to sleep separately. One thing you can do is put down a towel while you’re having sex and wash it immediately afterward if there’s lots of fluid resulting from sex. If there’s little fluid, you can probably just throw it in the wash for later. Needless to say, if you are having sex, keep the noise down. Some people find that stifling noises resulting from orgasms is sexy, so this would be a good time to try that out. I do answer this question not knowing how conservative the parents are, so if all of this seems out of the question, it might be best to wait to have sex.

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